Best Brand of Thieves Oil?

best brand of Thieves oil

What’s the best brand of Thieves oil?

Just to clear up any confusion, there’s really only one brand of Thieves essential oil. This is the original, sold by the Young Living company.

The rest are marketed by its competitors. They go by different names. One is named “Four Thieves,” another is called “Four Bandits” and yet another is called “Five Sentries.”

Most contain five or more different aromatic oils. All are designed for infection control.

Whether or not you buy the original, or go with a competitor, is something you need to decide for yourself. Then, there’s the question of how you intend to use this product.

Best Brand of Thieves Oil?

For personal care, many people prefer a well-known brand that tests for purity. Young Living, a large multi-level marketing company, sells the most famous germ-fighting blend. I also know YL has very strict quality control.

But I often buy my oils from other companies, which I know are reputable, and test for purity.

The original Young Living Thieves oil contains clove, cinnamon, lemon, rosemary and eucalyptus oils. Thieves is an excellent product with research behind it. One study found that it was effective against several strains of bacteria when it was diffused in a laboratory. If you want to buy the original YL germ-fighting blend, it’s available online.

Young Living Thieves OilYoung Living Thieves Oil


Four Thieves Oil Blends

Last year, I wanted to stay healthy. I’m not afraid of shopping for oils outside of the MLM networks. So I bought a lot of Four Thieves Protect oil, sold by Fabulous FrannieThis is made by a small California-based company. I’ve bought other Fabulous Frannie oils. I’ve been very pleased with them, except for the lavender oil. I didn’t think it smelled as good as some of the other brands.

But I was very happy with Fabulous Frannie Protect oil, which you can see below. I often recommend to people looking for a good germ-busting blend, especially if they don’t prefer to buy MLM products. 

Last year I bought a lot of the Fabulous Frannie germ buster. So I was able to use as much as I wanted. As I made dinner, I put a few drops in a cold air diffuser. It made my kitchen smell warm and inviting.

Another time, I had an infection that started at the base of my nostril. I know these can quickly turn ugly. Fabulous Frannie Four Thieves Protect seemed to help clear it up.

A year later, I still have three unused bottles of Four Thieves Protect. I’ve found so many household uses for this amazing blend. I’ve also used it in my dehumidifier to keep it free from mold.

This five-oil recipe is something I never want to be without, regardless of who sells it. I’ve been very happy with my Fabulous Frannie purchase. (Or, I should say purchases.)

Fabulous Frannie Protect BlendFabulous Frannie Protect Blend


Germ Fighter Essential Oil

Plant Therapy is a company I’ve ordered from repeatedly. It adheres to some of the highest standards in the industry, and now works with a world-famous aromatherapist. Each batch of oils are tested twice. One test is run by an independent lab. It makes its own version of four thieves-type oil called Germ Fighter. This is the same mix of oils used in other infection-fighting blends.

Plant Therapy Germ Fighter BlendPlant Therapy Germ Fighter Blend


Last year, in addition to buying a lot of Fabulous Frannie Four Thieves, I also made my own germ-fighting recipe. For this, I used Plant Therapy oils. (For the rosemary oil I used Aura Cacia.) It was very easy mixing the individual oils. I think I did it right. The end result smelled exactly like Fabulous Frannie Protect.

I like to think both Plant Therapy and Fabulous Frannie kept me healthy last winter. (However, I realize I have no proof.) But I will be using them again this year, since I still have three full bottles of Four Thieves/Protect sitting in a kitchen cabinet.

In case you were wondering why these oils are named after dishonest men, here’s the story. Apparently, a band of Medieval thieves managed to stay healthy during a 14th-century plague. (Some people think these men lived later.) Nor did they have any fear coming into close contact with the sick. They believed they were protected by a special aromatic blend. These modern four thieves-type formulas are named after them.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not meant to diagnose‚ treat or cure any disease or medical condition. Women who are pregnant or nursing should not use essential oils unless directed to do so by a healthcare professional.

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