Four Thieves Essential Oil Recipe

Four Thieves essential oil recipe

After sampling a germ-fighting essential oil blend, I decided to make my own. The recipe for this popular formula is widely available on the Internet. It’s really easy to make, with aromatics you might already have in the house.

Four thieves type blends are apparently modeled after a group of Medieval robbers who allegedly stole from the sick and dying, during the 14th-Century Black Death. These men didn’t get sick themselves.

But, eventually, they were caught. Once apprehended, they were forced to confess, in exchange for leniency. As they told the king, they used an aromatic blend to protect themselves, at least according to the most popular account of this story.

Young Living company sells a proprietary formula called Thieves oil. All of the others are called something different. Collectively, these competitors are often referred to as “four thieves” or “four bandits.”

How to Make Four Thieves Oil

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In addition to my DIY germ-fighting recipe, I also bought multiple bottles of Fabulous Frannie Four Thieves/Protect. This formula used to be called Four Thieves. Now, it’s simply known as “Protect.”

Four Thieves Essential Oil Recipe

This recipe is for 100 percent pure four thieves or four bandits oil. So it must be diluted in a carrier oil before putting it on your skin. You can use olive, grapeseed or coconut oil as a carrier. This protects your skin from the strong aromatics. It also helps “carry” or transport the healing compounds to your cells.

Don’t worry if the proportions are not exactly right, or if you add a drop or two more than needed. This is the basic recipe. There are many variations.

When I made my homemade four thieves, I used Plant Therapy oils for most of the ingredients. This is the brand I included in the above links, because I was so happy with the results.

Last winter I didn’t get sick. (However, I realize I can’t prove that my aromatics were the reason.) I used this DIY blend, as well as the premixed Fabulous Frannie essential oil blend.


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