MLM Oils

Two major multi-level marketing companies sell essential oils designed for infection control. The first is Utah-based Young Living.

I believe in giving credit where credit is due. The YL firm developed the widely-known Thieves oil. It’s an excellent product, as are all of the YL oils. One study showed that this company’s Thieves very effectively killed certain strains of bacteria in the laboratory.

But YL didn’t develop the “four thieves” concept, according to an article that ran in the online health magazine Livestrong. For centuries, a vinegar of the same name has been used to ward off illness, it explained.

I haven’t purchased Young Living Thieves oil. That’s because I buy a competitor’s product that seems to work for me.

Young Living’s main MLM competitor is a company called doTerra. It makes a rival oil called On Guard Protective Blend. It contains most of the same oils found in the original Thieves. However, sweet orange is substituted for the lemon oil.

I’ve smelled doTerra On Guard and it is exquisite. The company has an excellent reputation. I have no doubt its products are among the best on the market.

However, I realize not everyone likes to shop through MLM networks. That’s why I’m also including non-MLM alternatives on this site.

Essential oils are so important. I think everyone should own at least a few different kinds. That’s why I believe it’s important to let you know about all of your options.