Non MLM Oils

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A growing number of companies now sell germ-fighter blends, under a variety of names. These are widely available online. Some are sold by large operations. Many small suppliers also make their own recipes, designed to level pathogens.

Some individual oils have well-known germ-busting potential. To my knowledge, only two formulas have been scientifically tested for this purpose. Both of these studies were done on MLM oils. One is made by Young Living. This blend was found to kill three strains of bacteria. The other brand is doTerra On Guard, which made the influenza virus less effective.

This research happened in a laboratory setting. So it’s impossible to say whether or not we’d see the same results in a human.

I haven’t personally used Young Living Thieves. But I have used other oils made by this company. The quality is excellent.

But I also want my readers to know about various other options. That’s why, on this site, I want to tell them about both MLM and non-MLM oils, so they can make their own decision.

I love these germ-fighting blends and I wish more people knew about them. Personally, I think they should be in everyone’s house.

Last year, I stocked up. I bought a large supply of Fabulous Frannie Four Thieves/Protect. Actually, I bought way too much of it. But it’s also good for a wide range of household projects. So I’m confident I’ll eventually use it all, one way or another.

If you’re looking for a good mix of oils, designed to kill germs, you’ll find no shortage of options.

Non MLM Oils

Here are a few of the other companies I’ve purchased from, and can confidently recommend.

  • Plant Therapy – This company is based in Twin Falls, Idaho. It’s a family-run business that sells a Germ Fighter Synergy blend. (Available here)
  • Aura Cacia – This is a larger operation that’s owned by the same umbrella organization as Frontier Natural Products Co-op. It makes a blend called Medieval Mix, apparently named after a group of 13th Century thieves. These men supposedly used an herbal recipe to protect them from the Black Death. while they relieved the dying of their worldly possessions. (Available here)
  • Now Foods – This large American-based company makes a Clear the Air Purifying Blend. (Available here)
  • Fabulous Frannie Four Thieves/Protect – This is the germ-busting remedy I personally own. (Available here).