Plant Therapy Four Thieves

Plant Therapy Four Thieves

Some people may refer to Plant Therapy Germ Fighter oil as “Four Thieves.” However, to clear up any confusion, this isn’t its real name.

Instead, the five-oil blend sold by Plant Therapy is called Germ Fighter Synergy Blend. It shouldn’t be confused with Young Living Thieves oil. This is a proprietary formula sold  by a competitor.

Plant Therapy Germ Fighter contains clove, cinnamon, lemon, rosemary and eucalyptus oils. This is the same mix of oils found in the original Thieves blend.

As has been reported elsewhere, this recipe (or a similar one) was reputedly used by a group of medieval robbers, who stole from the sick, while the Black Death decimated Europe.

The reason they didn’t catch this disease, according to the story, is due to a special protective herbal formula.

Plant Therapy is among the growing number of companies now selling these five-oil blends for infections. A number of others offer something close, sometimes adding more oils to the mix.

What sets Plant Therapy apart form some of the other companies are strict quality controls. (Young Living also sells excellent oils.)

All Plant Therapy oils are tested in house. They’re tested again by a third-party laboratory. I’ve bought a number of this company’s oils in the past. Its products are excellent, as many are discovering. They’re a good alternative to MLM oils, if you don’t prefer to buy through these channels.

Plant Therapy Four Thieves

Because of the story of the medieval robbers, germ-busting oils are often named after these men. Oftentimes, they are collectively referred to as “Four Thieves.”

As the number of sources for these infection-fighting remedies continues to grow, I’ve heard a number of other of variations, including “Five Thieves” or “Four Bandits” or “Five Sentries.” One company also calls their formula “Medieval Mix.” Another calls it “Immune Support.” Just today, as I was doing research for this article, I stumbled across yet another “Thief Blend.” You can also find a “King of Thieves” blend.

Some of these brands I’m not familiar with. However, I am a repeat customer of Plant Therapy. Its oils are 100 percent pure and thoroughly tested. The company derives them from plants grown without pesticides or other chemicals.

Plant Therapy Germ Fighter BlendPlant Therapy Germ Fighter Blend


Plant Therapy’s Germ Fighter is definitely one of the best bets on the market, in my own humble opinion.

Even though this company is not (yet) as familiar as some bigger players, it works with Robert Tisserand, a world-famous aromatherapist. Plant Therapy oils are incredible. With double testing for purity and potency, you can feel confident using them for massage or inhalation in a diffuser.


Essential oils must be diluted in a carrier before putting them on your skin. Plant Therapy recommends diluting this blend (1 drop to one tablespoon of carrier oil) and putting it on your feet at night before going to bed.

Last winter, I used another brand of four-thieves-type oil, in an attempt to stay healthy. I didn’t get sick once. Other years I’ve been leveled by the flu.

Although I have no proof, I like to think this recipe, allegedly created hundreds of years ago, by a band of thieves, had something to do with keeping me healthy.

I want to spread the word about this ancient formula. I also want people to know that all sorts of options exist, for everyone’s budget.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not meant to diagnose‚ treat or cure any disease or medical condition. Women who are pregnant or nursing should not use essential oils unless directed to do so by a healthcare professional.

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