Thieves Oil for Study

Thieves oil for study

Science is now confirming what aromatherapists have long been observing. Certain essential oils are good for our brain.

This includes at least one of the oils found in the popular blend known as Thieves, sold by the Young Living company.

The proprietary Young Living Thieves contains rosemary oil. This aromatic has received a lot of attention lately. One study found that inhaling this pungent aromatic increases memory recall. This is something that’s very useful if you’re trying to concentrate.

For instance, when I’m writing a blog post, I’ll sometimes often open a bottle of rosemary oil.

More often, though, I’ll use a product with the same type of oils found in Young Living Thieves. My four thieves-type oil also contains rosemary. But it includes several other oils. I’ve found this seems to help me even more than just using rosemary alone.

It might have something to do with the fact that it’s a blend. In addition to the rosemary, it contains clove, cinnamon, lemon and eucalyptus. Aromatherapists like to use blends to address specific conditions. That’s because it’s widely believed that multiple oils work in synergy.

There’s evidence that some of the other ingredients in the four-thieves recipe can sharpen the mind.

For instance, researchers at Wheeling Jesuit University found that sniffing cinnamon increased the ability to more easily perform cognitive tasks.

Aromatherapy for Concentration

Please understand I’m not writing this from the perspective of a professional aromatherapist, which I’m not. I’m just sharing my personal observations, without making any claims.

Thieves and four thieves-type formulas are designed to kill germs. They’re modeled after a Medieval story of a band of thieves. They stole from the sick during the 14th-Century Black Death, or perhaps a little later, during another plague . But they stayed healthy because of a special herbal or aromatic blend.

After these men were caught, they were granted leniency, in exchange for their recipe.

Young Living Thieves is the best-known modern germ-fighting aromatic blend. But there are numerous competitors. They are typically made with the five oils I mentioned above. But you’ll also find many variations on the original recipe.

Even though these oils are usually bought to prevent infectious illness, they can serve different purposes. They also seem to make great study aids.

This is yet another way to use this highly versatile blend. You can buy it to potentially protect your family from germs, when everyone around is coughing and sneezing. You can also hold the bottle under your nose, and sniff it, when you’re trying to concentrate. Or, at least that’s what works for me. I’m not aware of any scientific studies showing Thieves (or similar brands) can help improve mental clarity. But I’d love it if someone would do this research.

The mix of oils in many germ-fighting blends is similar to various other products, designed specifically for focus and concentration. One is known as “Study Buddy,” made by Plantlife. It contains rosemary, clove and eucalyptus, in addition to two other oils.

Another company makes a “Clarity” synergy mix. One of the oils in this product is lemon.

So, four of the oils in these popular five-ingredient germ-fighting blends are used in other products, specifically for supporting mental activities. The other, cinnamon, has been shown to help with cognition.

Thieves Oil for Study

As I already mentioned, numerous germ-busting products are available. The best-known is Thieves oil by Young Living. This is the original Thieves This company sells its products through a multi-level marketing distribution network.

But it’s an excellent product. So, if you’re interested in owning some, it’s available here.

Very good brands can also be found outside of MLM venues. One is Plant Therapy. This is an Idaho-based company that works with world-famous aromatherapist Robert Tisserand.

All of its oils are tested twice for purity and potency. One test is not done in-house, but by an independent lab.

So you can very confidently use Plant Therapy products without fear your oil is contaminated or has been adulterated.

Plant Therapy Germ Fighter BlendPlant Therapy Germ Fighter Blend


This site is dedicated to the all of the Medieval germ-killing formulas now available today. With the rise in drug-resistant infections, I don’t want to be without them. (There is scientific evidence that YL Thieves can kill bacteria.) But germ-fighting oils also have a number of other uses, ranging from mold control to laundry freshening. That’s why I think these aromatic treasures should be in every house.


These statements have not been approved by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. People with health concerns should discuss them with a doctor. Women who are pregnant or nursing should not use essential oils, unless directed to do so by a healthcare professional.

I’m not a healthcare professional, so all of the above statements are my personal opinion, and are presented for discussion purposes only.

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