Thieves Oil on eBay

buying Thieves oil on eBay

It’s possible to buy Thieves oil on eBay. That’s because it appears as if a number of Young Living independent distributors sell their products on this large online shopping site.

Thieves oil is a proprietary formula named after a group of alleged Medieval thieves. These men stole from the sick and dying during a plague. They stayed healthy by using a special aromatic blend, the “inspiration” for the modern germ-busting aromatic blend.

Although there are numerous competitors, selling the same or similar recipes, Thieves has the best name recognition. It also has research to back it up.

A team of investigators at Weber State University in Utah found this five oil-mix could kill several strains of airborne bacteria.

You may not be able to find Thieves oil for sale locally, unless you personally know an independent distributor. So your search for this infection-fighting blend may need to be conducted online.

When I was shopping for a specific YL oil, I did some online shopping. I knew of no one nearby who sold this company’s aromatics.

Thieves Oil on eBay

I’ve personally purchased Young Living frankincense on eBay. What I noticed is that Young Living products tend to move quickly. At first I tried shopping by auction. However, what happened at the end of the auction was a flurry of bids. I found this process extremely frustrating, given the demand for YL oils.

So I decided that using the “Buy Now” feature is probably the best way to shop for Young Living oils online, including the popular Thieves. Click to View Price.

When choosing an eBay vendor (there appear to be many people selling this blend) I’d probably recommend one that sells a lot of this product, and seems to be building a business as a Young Living distributor, and not just someone with a bottle they’re not using looking to resell it. Essential oils have a shelf life that can vary, depending upon the oils used, and how they are stored. Buying from someone who sells in volume means you’re much more likely to get a fresher oil. The same holds true of buying essential oils anywhere, even in a brick and mortar store. I like to get them from a source that sells a lot of them.

Anyway, the Thieves essential oil shown here comes from a seller who has multiple bottles available.

Thieves oil eBay


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