Where Can I Buy Thieves Essential Oil?

Where can I buy Thieves essential oil

Thieves essential oil is sold by network of independent distributors. You can also find bottles of this germ-fighting blend on Amazon, eBay and elsewhere.

Or, you can obtain it directly from someone who sells Young Living oils.

I buy a lot of essential oils, because I use them everyday. So I’m very familiar with the process of ordering them online. Actually, only a few times have I picked up an aromatic oil in a store. Brick and mortar prices tend to be expensive. Plus, it’s a lot easier to place my order, sitting in front of my computer. You also can’t beat the convenience of door-to-door shipping.

Thieves essential oil can be found on eBay. However, if you do your shopping there, I highly recommend taking advantage of the “Buy Now” feature. That’s because the auctions are so frustrating, especially during the last few minutes, with a flurry of bids.

Where Can I Buy Thieves Essential Oil

Amazon also sells Thieves essential oil. This blend is designed to fight germs. According to a widely circulated story, this recipe is based upon an account of Medieval thieves, who stole from the sick during the European Black Death. These men didn’t get sick, since they were protected by various aromatics.

That’s the legend behind this now-famous blend of lemon, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary.

There might be something to this story, though. One study conducted at Weber State University in Utah found that Thieves killed several strains of bacteria in the lab.

Anyway, if you’re interested in owning some Thieves, it’s available on Amazon.

Young Living Thieves OilYoung Living Thieves Oil


I really, really like this five-oil recipe. Last winter, I used a similar product, made by a competitor, and I didn’t get sick. This is the first time I ever remember this happening. Usually, as the seasons change, I can expect a nasty cold. This didn’t happen.

A couple of times I felt a sniffle coming on. I was very curious to see if what they say about this blend is true. So I took some diluted four thieves-type oil and put it inside my wrist. Amazingly, my itchy sore throat began to feel better. The cold I thought I was getting never developed.

I can’t prove that my oils are the reason I stayed healthy, while everyone else was sniffing and sneezing. Coincidence or not, I’ll be using it again this year.

Even though this article is about where to find Thieves oil, I also want to share some information about other brands. I buy most of my oils outside of the MLM networks. I’ve found some excellent products.

In my own humble opinion, Plant Therapy Germ Fighter is a good MLM alternative. It contains the same mix of oils found in Thieves. It’s made by a company that does extensive purity testing, both in house and independently. I use Plant Therapy oils with confidence that they’re pure and potent.

Plant Therapy Germ Fighter BlendPlant Therapy Germ Fighter Blend



These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not meant to diagnose‚ treat or cure any disease or medical condition. Women who are pregnant or nursing should not use essential oils unless directed to do so by a healthcare professional.

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